Laddin Farm near Ledbury, is home to Willy’s historic apple orchards. We believe the reason our cider tastes so good is partly down to these beautifully aged orchards. These orchards are 200 years old and even to this day we steer clear from using any pesticides. Among these ancient apple trees we have Perry Pear trees dating back around 250 years. Not only are these orchards home to these mystical looking trees, but the wildlife throughout is incredible.

At Laddin rarely a day goes by without spotting a beautiful Owl, be it Barn owls or Little owls. Numbers of little owls in the UK are in decline. So, Willy’s next plan is to build Willy’s branded owl boxes, for the public to purchase helping to ensure these owls are cared for, for generations to come.

Our orchards provide the perfect habitat for our resident owls. We leave the dead tree trunks in place, as they provide the perfect home for smaller animals such as mice who hide within the trunk’s hollows. It also ensures that the owls remain at Laddin, as they can use the area as their hunting ground.