Born out of curiosity Willy is now ready to show his cider to the world. Starting with the apples that are grown on his family farm in Ledbury, Willy and the farm hands scrub and wash the apples then fresh press to extract the juice. Pips and stalks are left in to ensure the pure apple taste.

The fresh apple juice, taken from over 18 traditional bittersweet cider varieties and is then fermented using British yeast from the old oak vats that clutter the farm. Willy amongst other activities will keep a keen eye on the cider, unfortunately this involves constantly tasting the nectar ! Our apples are then pressed to create a Normandy style cloudy, fresh and fruity juice. Over a period of 3-4 months, this juice is left to naturally ferment, It is during this time that Willy’s develops into the fantastically layered dry cider that we all love.  The crucial final stage is the addition of our own farm pressed apple juice, creating our refreshing medium dry cider.


Born out of curiosity Willy’s is made in Ledbury, the cider capital of the world.